The Guide To Different Bridesmaid Dress Styles

Are you thinking of buying a bridesmaid dress at a wedding event that you are about to attend to? Are you still in confusion mode because you are unsure as to what is the right style of dress that will ultimately compliment your figure? In that case, you should continue reading this post as we are going to discuss some of the usual bridesmaid dress styles that are commonly used in most wedding celebrations today. This post is will serve as a definitive guide to each of these prevailing styles so that you will be properly guided and pick the perfect bridesmaid dress for you.

1. Vintage bridesmaid dress – Vintage style is a type of dress that is inspired from all of the styles that came before. It depicts a classic look that is always in accord to every weddings and it’s perfect for ladies who want to don a more conservative look. Wearing a vintage bridesmaid dress is seasonal, so it’s best to know the latest trends in fashion before wearing this kind of dress in order to be appropriate for any wedding event. Samples of vintage bridesmaid dresses can be found at



2. One shoulder bridesmaid dresses – This style of dress represents a type of woman who is not so conservative and not so daring as well. One-shouldered dresses are always attractive especially for ladies who have lovely pair of shoulders and a perfect complement to slim figured bodies all the time. Simplydresses has wonderful one shoulder bridesmaid dresses you can pick from.



3. Short and sexy bridesmaid dresses – This style of bridesmaid dress is perfect for ladies who want to be more daring with their outfits. This is ideal for women who are never afraid to flaunt their figure in order to be admired by others. Aside from that, short bridesmaid dresses are also best for long-legged girls who want to show off their slim legs. One thing to remember though, wearing this style of dress required some attitude on your part in order to achieve the sexy appeal. So be sure to be daring a you’ll look great with this kind of dress. Click here to view short bridesmaid dresses from

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4. Off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses – This style of dress has the same function as with the one shoulder dress but only better. This is a best type of outfit of women who want to be daring but maintains a certain feel of sophistication. Off the shoulder bridesmaid dress are great for formal and small weddings at any time of the year.

5. Tea-length bridesmaid dresses – This style of dress is great for less formal weddings because it depicts a casual feel all over. That’s why these types of gowns can even be used as party dresses for cocktail parties other than weddings. Aside from that, it’s very fashionable that’s why it’s great for all seasons.



6. Strapless bridesmaid dress – Simple and minimalistic but truly stylish. That’s what you can get when you choose to wear this style of dress. Strapless dresses are always trendy and sexy and it’s the best style to choose if you want to get noticed instantly. You can find strapless bridesmaid dresses at Nordstrom.

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Which Wedding Cake Flavor Should you Pick?

5Are you still looking for that perfect wedding cake? Why don’t you start your search for wedding cake flavors first? Considering only the outer appearance of your wedding cake may not give an assurance that your guests will love it. How your cake tastes is a critical factor that can either make or break your wedding day. Wedding cakes come in a ton of flavors; mocha, chocolate, chiffon, vanilla, strawberry, and a lot more, which makes choosing the flavor quite a challenging task.

Cakes that are flavored with fruits and brandy are somehow a conventional taste in most wedding days. Its rich taste makes it appealing to everyone’s palate. Fruit cakes aren’t also quite common on everyone’s table, which make it more special. However, everyone’s fondness on wedding cakes have evolved, which raise the popularity of various wedding cake flavors in the marketplace these days. Recently, flavors like strawberry, butterscotch, cherry and caramel, mango, chocolate, lime, raspberry, almond, carrot, banana, and a lot more, have become the trend in wedding cakes. These flavors offer a fresh twist to the usual mocha, chiffon, and fruit flavored cakes in most wedding days. On the one hand, there are also contemporary flavors for wedding cakes that’ll surely make your guests crave for more. Some of them include blueberry and coconut cake mixed with fresh orange curd and coconut butter cream; s’mores cake, which is actually a perfect combination of chocolate ganache, graham cake, marshmallows, and vanilla butter cream; lemon thyme cake for those who love the tasty combination of the lemon’s sweet and sour taste; toffee with dates cake; and crème brulee cake.1

While flavor is a must check, the presentation and quality of the cake are other factors that should be looked into very well. It is not enough that a baker makes delicious cake alone, but he must also see that the appearance is as delightful as its flavor. Because of this, choosing a wedding cake vendor should always be made meticulously. It is important that the vendor has already earned tons of positive feedbacks from previous clients, and that they have consistently made delicious cakes with gusto and value. At Pink Cake Box, you can be guaranteed that your wedding cake is in good hands. Creating cakes in accordance to their clients’ needs and preferences is their expertise. Hence, you don’t just get delicious cakes from Pink Cake Box; you also get everything that you desire for your wedding cake.

Order your cake from Pink Cake Box from NJ today and you can really tell that you’ve finally found the best place to go to for all your celebration cake needs.

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What is Bridal Shower?

A bride-to-be has mixed emotions that may actually lead to breakdown when not handled well. The stresses that wedding planning can put them through can cause her to get tired and look terrible on the big day. But, there is a surefire way to keep her kicking and calmed on her big day, and that’s to hold a bridal shower for her.

A bridal shower is a party commonly organized for brides-to-be by their bridesmaids or girlfriends. It used to be that the only party prior to the wedding day is engagement party. But these days, a bridal shower and stag party are held separately for the couple as a way of ending their status as singles. It isn’t yet known on when the first bridal shower or stag party happened as it was just conceived by friends of both parties sometime ago, which later became a tradition worldwide. On the one hand, not all brides-to-be have experienced bridal shower because of the lack of financial support and the lack of people who organizes it.

During a bridal party, the attendees are all women who are close to the bride’s heart. Because this is a party organized either by her bridesmaids or her family, the organizer should make sure who to invite. The top of the list should include the bride’s ladies in her entourage. With that being said, her bridesmaids and maids of honor should be included in the list. Close relatives like sisters, cousins, and best friends should also be guests in the bridal shower. Needless to say, avoid inviting the groom-to-be’s ex-girlfriend even if she’s become an acquaintance.

A list of activity should be prepared for the bridal shower. Games, short speech of the bride, messages of the guests, gift opening, and, of course, food and dining are some of the conventional activities involved in bridal showers. Meanwhile, others can incorporate naughty activities like hiring one or two stripped men for entertainment. Others also opt for a contemporary bridal shower venue like a bar, a pool side, and a hotel room instead of a mini party spot. Gifts during bridal showers are different from gifts for the wedding day. When shopping for gifts for a bridal shower, a guest should only focus on the brides’ preferences, and not on the couple’s preferences. Customized satin robes and towels, lingerie, camisoles, personalized tote bags, hoodies, tank dress, purses and slip-ons, and even off the shoulder bride shirt are some of the your best bets when shopping for gifts for a bridal shower.

The heart of the party is a crucial part of a bridal shower. She should find it fun and relaxing to boost her energy for the upcoming wedding day. The bridal shower is one of the ways that she would feel at ease on the big day.


How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Wedding Rings

If there is one item in every wedding day that couples should focus at, it would have to be their wedding ring. The wedding ring signifies the vow that the couple makes on their wedding day. Therefore, choosing the right kind of wedding rings take time and great consideration. Here are some of the ways to remember when you want to be sure that you’re on the right track to obtaining the perfect wedding ring.3

Budget – The financial aspect is a very crucial part of every wedding day. While others say that two months of salary should be enough budget for wedding rings, this point would actually depend on one’s monthly income and financial status. There are wedding rings that are priced below $200 while there are those that are priced for whopping million dollars. You might want to shop around or check online at renowned companies like Zales and Blue Nile for current wedding ring prices. This way, you will have heads up on how much to budget for the metals. On the one hand, the price is not the main factor to consider when buying wedding rings, but the element of oneness that comes with it.

To have or not to have matching rings – Most of us think that couples should have matching rings to celebrate their oneness after the marriage. However, this has never been a rule when it comes to wedding rings. While some couples agree to have matching rings, it is also entirely okay to not have matching rings, especially if each individual has different taste and preferences when it comes to their wedding ring. There is nothing wrong with mismatched wedding rings as long as you keep your vow. However, having matching rings may also have significance on how you and your partner function as one.


The Metal – Gold is the most common metal used for wedding rings, and it comes in varying ranges from 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt, which are all determinants of the weight and the levels of gold in the ring. Gold comes in two types namely, yellow gold and white gold, with the latter currently soaring in popularity. When choosing white gold, opt for one that’s coated in rhodium as it prolongs the life and sheen of the metal. Although silver is a popular and inexpensive metal, it is not recommended for its poor quality as it is prone to immediate loss of luster and scratches. Platinum, on one hand, is the most expensive metal in the category as it is pure white and durable.

The Makers – If there is one thing that you should give at least 75% consideration when it comes to shopping for wedding rings, it would have to be the makers. They are responsible for the creation of genuine wedding rings. Companies like Zales and Blue Nile are a topnotch when it comes to celebration rings including wedding rings. Their products are molded to perfection, and totally worthy of its prices.


The Wedding Of Two Different People


This story was written and provided by Sandra

He’s a city guy who has been living much of his life in the urban jungle. I’m a simple girl who hails from the province and went into the city to try my luck. He likes modern living and has never experience a life outside the city walls. I am a versatile individual who’s always game at any circumstance. Who would ever think that both of us would end up together eventually? I guess you’ll never know that until love will find a way to intersect both of our life lines. Today, I am going to tell you about my wedding story as to how we both agreed to make a compromise on a wedding that took place at my place in the province.

It’s been weeks since my husband asked for my hand in marriage and we immediately went to the planning process of the wedding. The first that we have talked about was the location of the ceremony. I’ve always wanted to get married in my hometown and I insisted for that idea to push through. And thankfully, he was supportive enough and give in saying that he too would want to try rural wedding festivities for a change. I got elated by the fact that we are going to be married in the province and 2 days after we both headed to the town of my origin.

My husband had an enriching experience with our wedding journey. He was surprised to see how everybody got excited with the celebration and immediately volunteered to take part in the preparation. Weddings are simple and elaborate in some ways in the province. It’s simple in the sense that everyone makes use of the resources available and would try to negate to possibility of spending money. And at the same time it’s also elaborate as all the people (meaning all the people in the village) would want to be hands-on with the way they welcome the marriage in terms of preparing all the details of the ceremony. He was indeed very amazed at what he saw and was very happy that he gave in to my decision.

The wedding day came and the church place was decorated with colorful flowers and ribbons. The decoration was very intricate that even the streets we also adorned all the way to our home where the reception was about to be held. It was a festive moment unlike any wedding ceremonies you see in the city. It was like a town fiesta where all the people are celebrating with us (including our families). The food was simple and yet it was enough to let everybody feel the jovial mood.

To make the long story short, my husband indeed had a great time on our wedding day and I’m glad that we have made this decision to try a unique celebration. It was truly an unforgettable wedding celebration and both of us now are looking forward to face the challenges of married life.

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Apparel for your Groom Keywords without Breaking your Bank

We’re pretty sure that you’re fidgeting not because your nuptial is fast approaching, but because you want to look as cool as you can on your wedding day. One way to achieve that is to find the right wedding apparel that suits your taste and preference while your bride-to-be is also busy scavenging for the perfect wedding dress in the marketplace. With the men’s apparel made available at several department stores, you shouldn’t break a sweat on how to look dapper on your wedding day. Plus, these tips on how to find your perfect wedding apparel should make you look superbly handsome in minutes without breaking groom-speech-2234your bank.

Wear according to the theme – If the wedding theme is formal, it is usually required that you wear tie and suit. Tie and black suit have always been the rage when it comes to formal occasions. However, there are certain instances when tuxedos and white tie and tails are a no-no. Tuxedos are only great when it is an evening occasion while white tie and tails are recommended for both evening and morning formal events. On the one hand, there’s a modern dress suit which comprises of waistcoat, tailcoat, and trousers. If the wedding is semi-formal, you can always go for modern suits, which usually consist of slim fit two piece suit with color coordinating tie. A casual suit or jacket is another way to go if the event is done during summer.

Find pieces of clothing that you can use for future formal or semi-formal occasions – While a lot of men opt for the classic tuxedo on their wedding day, some would rather go for high quality casual pieces that they can use in future semi-formal celebrations like a relatives’ wedding. This way, their hundreds of dollars can go a long way, and not just for one occasion.

Opt for high quality pieces of clothing – If you are a corporate guy or a business man who has to attend to at least 3 gatherings and semi-formal activities per month, durable clothing is your best bet because they wear and tear longer than the cheaper ones.

Shop at thrift or vintage stores – Usually, thrift stores sell vintage pieces including wedding apparel for men. Shopping for vintage apparels is always fun since you can find a vast selection of pieces from 1940’s-80’s. Aside from that, most of the items at thrift shops come in pocket-friendly prices, so you can buy a number of pieces should your budget is around $500. On the one hand, you can also find a lot of superb pieces at select online shops like Belk and Tommy Bahama. Whether you’re looking for a classic tuxedo, Hawaiian-inspired wedding apparel for men, casual jackets, trousers, or even men’s sleepwear, they’ve got a long list of them. They’re also offering tons of privileges and discount coupons that’ll surely help you save a lot.